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ARIES: ARtifical Intelligence for Ecosystem Services

ARIES redefines ecosystem services assessment and valuation in decision-making. The ARIES approach to mapping benefits, beneficiaries, and service flows is a powerful new way to visualize, and manage the ecosystems on which the human economy and well-being depend.

SERVES: Simple Effective Resource for Valuing Ecosystem Services

Land use and development planning that only accounts for the value of built capital often negatively impacts communities: small businesses and jobs can be lost, environmental health is impacted, and community structure may be lost. SERVES (Simple and Effective Resource for Valuing Ecosystem Services), can be used by individuals and communities to understand and leverage the economic value of green infrastructure and natural systems. This information provides powerful arguments for shifting investment towards sustainability.

Green Real Estate Pro Forma Investment Modeling Tool

The Economics of Change: Catalyzing the Investment Shift Toward a Restorative Built Environment provides effective alternatives to the current financial model and policy framework that drive investment decisions in real estate.

An Application for the Use of Stakeholder Perspectives about the Importance of Ecosystem Services

With the latitudes involved in protected area management, managers necessarily face tradeoffs as to which management practices to implement, and how those management practices affect protected area ecosystem services. Understanding the relative importance of protected area ecosystem services to stakeholders can help managers make decisions which maximize the value of the protected area to society.

Nature’s Value in the Skykomish Watershed: A Rapid Ecosystem Service Valuation

Title: Nature’s Value in the Skykomish Watershed: A Rapid Ecosystem Service Valuation

Release Date: December 2011

Leading organization: Earth Economics

Length: 48 pages

Geographic focus: Skykomish Watershed (Washington)



Skykomish Watershed
United States
47° 45' 19.1844" N, 121° 25' 39.954" W

Ecosystem Services, Land Use and Natural Infrastructure

A group for discussing how to address ecosystem services in local land use and infrastructure plans.

The purpose of this group is to investigate the challenges and opportunities associated with conserving ecosystem services within the context of Oregon's land use and infrastructure planning. Initially, information will be collected and compiled on this site, based on interviews with planners, local officials, and other experts.  Listening sessions will be held in several rural communities, to enhance understanding of unique circumstances and potential opportunities.

ES valuation for GOM After Horizon Spill.

2011 report available from National Academies PressApproaches for Ecosystem Services Valuation for the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill:Interim Report

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