Senate Bill 513 Ecosystem Services and Markets, Final Report

Release Date: December 2010

Project duration: February 2010 – December 2010

Leading organization: Prepared by Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, on behalf of the Oregon Sustainability Board

Length: 40 pages

Geographic focus: Oregon



Oregon, Statewide
United States
45° 8' 20.0868" N, 122° 41' 3.5736" W

The Conservation Registry

The Conservation Registry tracks and maps wildlife, habitat and other conservation and restoration across the landscape. It is a central, online repository of on-the-ground project information, the goals of which are:

1. To facilitate informed decision-making
2. To create opportunities for collaboration
3. To provide context and effectiveness for conservation work
4. To offer free basic project management tools

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The RUBICODE Project (Rationalising Biodiversity Conservation in Dynamic Ecosystems)

The EU RUBICODE project has collated and reviewed information on ecosystem services for the main terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in Europe in order to provide a framework to rationalise biodiversity conservation strategies. Its main aim was to provide frameworks for aiding decision-making for biodiversity conservation, taking account of the dynamic nature of ecosystems and constraints due to limited land and other resources.

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The CLIMSAVE Project (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaptation and Vulnerability in Europe)

The EU CLIMSAVE project is developing a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool that will allow stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors, including agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, water resources and urban development. The tool, the CLIMSAVE Integrated Assessment Platform, produces sector-based impact indicators and indicators of a wide range of ecosystem services to provide a direct link to human well-being.

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European Union State Foresters (EUSTAFOR) intro to Ecosystem Services

EUSTAFOR and T. Patterson (2011), Ecosystem Services in European State Forests, European State Forest Association, Brussels, 40 p.

This document serves as a topical introduction of ecosystem services to the broad policy and management audience concerned with European Forests. The language is suited for general practitioners, but covers concepts such as additionality, willingness-to-pay, the range of ways to assign 'value', and market and non-market tools.




New Natural Resource Economy

An innovative way of thinking about natural resources, termed the New Natural Resources Economy (NNRE), opens up new possibilities for the rural west. NNRE recognizes that rural communities are significant repositories of natural resources that contribute to society’s well being and seeks to broaden the definition of resources. Not only do rural communities supply timber, food, and other traditional goods, they also supply a range of services such as clean water, clean air, and biodiversity.

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